About us

Northeast Clinical Research Center is a dedicated medical research institution. While we have a variety of interests, we currently focus on research related to kidney disease, hypertension, and care of dialysis patients. We are currently performing a variety of research studies involving the treatment of diabetes in patients with kidney disease and methods to delay the need for dialysis in patients with kidney failure. We are also studying ways to improve nutrition in dialysis patients.

Meet our Team

Nelson Kopyt, D.O., C.C.R.I. Research Director

Frederick Fleszler, M.D. - Sub-Investigator

Eric Fels, D.O.- Sub-Investigator

Stephanie Hanzl, RN, CCRP, CMM -  Clinical Research Manager

Matthew Rohrbach - Finance Manager

Jenna Camacho, BS, CCRP Clinical Research Coordinator

Sharon Collins - Clinical Research Coordinator 

Melissa Walsh- Clinical Research Coordinator

Ivanna Hanna- Clinical Research Coordinator

Contact Us

Northeast Clinical Research Center
2014 City Line Road, Suite 103
Bethlehem, PA 18017
(610) 433-4100

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