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Assists clinical research coordinators (CRC) and research assistant regarding daily operations of research center. A wide degree of creativity. Performs a variety of tasks. Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, Good Clinical Practice and FDA regulations.


A. Interrelationships: Interacts in a pleasant and cooperative manner with the public and maintains a cooperative working relationship with members of the office team. Promotes good guest relations at all times and maintains a professional demeanor.
B. Responsible to Clinical Research Manager
C. Employees supervised: None


A. Education: High School Diploma or equivalent. Experience in a clinical research environment, including clinical trial protocol, FDA regulations, phlebotomy, and clinical lab processing preferred.
B. Licensure/Certifications:
PA Driver’s License.
Shipment of Biohazard and Dry Ice Certification (Saf T Pak) (employer will provide training)
C. Skills Required: Knowledge of medical terminology, math skills, analytical skills, understanding of clinical trials and their requirements, good communication skills, ability to work well with people in a pleasant and cooperative manner, ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
D. Technical Skills: Use and service requirements for applicable medical equipment Ability to use a calculator, copier, fax machine. Solid working knowledge of MS Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well the ability to learn applicable clinical management software.


Adhere to VKS Compliance Program; accountable for timely reporting of compliance violations, and upholding the VKS Standard of Conduct Policy. Non-compliant behavior will follow Disciplinary Policy as outlined in the VKS Handbook.


I. Assist CRC with:

  • A. Clinical trial recruitment efforts.

  • B. Preparation of source documents and other specialty forms/templates.

  • C. Entering applicable data in the center’s data base.

  • D. Clinical specimen collection and testing, such as phlebotomy, blood/urine processing, EKG.

  • E. Preparation of monitoring and recruitment documents.

  • F. Resolving data queries.

  • G. Ensuring that clinical trial supplies are monitored and restocked appropriately.

  • H. Ensuring that patient exam rooms are prepared for the patient, (i.e. all necessary equipment, medical supplies, etc are available and maintained.) Also keeping rooms clean according to OSHA requirements.

  • I. Adhere to, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and all legal and regulatory requirements such as OSHA regulations by following rules regarding safety, etc, as documented in the OSHA Handbook (Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communications Plan, Employee Health and Safety Plan.).

II. Knowledge/Adherence to applicable study protocols.
III. Travel to applicable physician offices, dialysis centers, and other applicable facilities to perform essential duties.
IV. Any other duties assigned.


A. Exhibits philosophy of non-discrimination when dealing with co-workers, patients and the general public in regards to: race, national origin, gender or financial status.
B. Maintains the confidentiality of patients, their family members and co-workers.
C. Treats patients and their family members, co-workers, supervisor and the general public with courtesy and respect. Practice good guest relation skills continuously.
D. Uses analytical skills to solve problems, make decisions and respond accordingly to the needs of patients and their family members, co-workers and general public.
E. Demonstrates the ability to read and communicate effectively, both verbally and in written form at a level equal to the specific job responsibility.
F. Practices team building skills such as cooperation and the anticipation of co-worker needs.
G. Maintains professional conduct and appearance.
H. Exhibits personal responsibility in areas such as attendance, tardiness, accuracy, flexibility and time management.
I. Contributes to safety and security by being aware of policies and reporting any unsafe conditions on a timely basis.




Will provide for the welfare of customers and employees and maintain their peace of mind.

Maintains a safe environment by reporting unsafe practices and equipment; cleans up spills & debris immediately, keeps work area clean and organized.
Reports individuals who are loitering or in the suite/building without reason or justification.
Follows Infection Control procedures through the use of Standard Precautions, hand washing, proper disposal of sharps and uses personal protective equipment as required.


Set high standards for employee & facility appearance, work & communicate quietly and use manners & professional language.

Always dresses professionally, following the Dress Code Policy
Introduces themselves by name when speaking with a patient.
Maintains a positive behavior regarding NECRC, it’s physicians/management, and employees.
Uses words, tones and body language that show interest. Uses everyday words when providing explanations to customers.
Does not discuss personal or employee issues in the presence of customers.
Is aware of the impact that odors (perfume, lotions etc)can have on our customers and team members


Provide for the smooth and safe operation of NECRC thru the combination of facilities (physician offices, hospitals, dialysis centers, vascular access center) processes and employees.

Exhibits efficiency in duties and time management by being prepared to start work at designated time, prioritizes work, delegates appropriately, goes the “extra mile, is a team player, assists and asks for help when needed and respects other’s time.
Keeps channels of communication open by following the chain of command, being part of the solution not the problem and uses good listening skills.
Socialization occurs at the appropriate time and place.


Respect the emotions, abilities and cultures of each customer, providing service in a nondiscriminatory manner, regardless of the customer’s race, creed, gender, national origin or financial status.

Treats customers as you like your family to be treated: friendly, eye contract, smile and says hello, uses please, thank you and you’re welcome, apologizes when appropriate.
Takes time to talk to and assist customers. Ask questions such as “How may I help you”
Handles customer complaints calmly, courteously and with empathy; listens before commenting.
Informs customers and other staff when changes or delays occur, provides and explanation when we can’t meet their needs or expectations.
Is respectful of team members, uses their title when in presence of customers (ex;: Dr.) and informs them when leaving the department or the building.


Establish a relationship & environment in which the customer has firm reliance in honesty, strength, mission and dependability of NECRC.

Communicates clearly and honestly, gives a time frame for a response if they don’t know the answer to a question.
Observes confidentiality policy by not discussing customer information in a public area or with those not involved in the customer’s care.




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